How to transfer your Google contacts to iCloud

Days ago, Google stated that they are going to stop providing Exchange ActiveSync service for new devices on Jan 30 2013, while for those devices which are already using this service will not be effected. In another word, Goolge won’t support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol anymore. This decision has influenced many people especially Apple fans, they are not able to sync their contacts and calendar in the regular ways anymore, neither for the emails-push.

For the contacts and calendar, Google has offered you a solution: using CardDAV and CalDAV protocols to realize the auto-sync feature. But for emails, you will have to install the Gmail app if you want to auto-push your emails.


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The guide below is written for those Apple fans who will say goodbye to Google, which means you are going to transfer all the Google contacts to iCloud and won’t use Google contacts any more. To be honest, I privately think it is safe enough to use Gmail to store my contacts, what’s more, if I decide to give up iOS and use Android technology system as Nexus 7 has become my choice for tablets, then it will be easy for me to get all my contacts in Gmail.

So here is how to transfer Gmail contacts to iCloud:

  1. Open Gmail, look at the top left corner and click the red Gmail logo, you will see the “Contacts” option in the dropdown list.
  2. Click “More — Export”, then choose the group you want to export and choose “vCard” as the output format. Finally click “Export”, then all of your contacts will be downloaded to your local drive.
  3. Go to, login your Apple ID and choose “Contacts”, find the gear icon in the bottom left corner and choose “Import vCard”.
  4. Find the downloaded vCard file and import it to your iCloud Contacts, then you will get all of your contacts in your Apple devices.

If you are using iOS device, please remember to switch on the contacts-sync feature in the iCloud settings. Then when you add/delete contacts on your iOS device, all the changes will sync to your iCloud and take effect.

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