How to Choose a Computer Desk

Buying a computer, many people think they will put it on their old writing desks and will be satisfied. Eventually, most of them realize that after sitting for a couple of hours their necks stiffen, their arms become numb, and their legs constantly meet with a system unit standing under the desk. One thing that you should know is that kitchen tables and writing desks are totally different from the desks designed specially for computers. If you value comfort and care about your posture and sight, you need a computer desk. Online furniture stores such as Furniture in Fashion have various models and types of desks on offer. Before you start browsing through furniture catalogues, you need to get a general idea of what you are looking for.


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Choose the location for your computer desk

If you already have a writing table in your room, you can take it away and set a new desk instead. In case you don’t, you should decide where to put it. Choose the spot that is not exposed to the direct sun rays, since they may harm both your eyes and the monitor. Make sure that you can sit at the desk comfortably and you’ll have enough room for a chair. Also, it’s desirable to have a safe electric socket near your would-be desk.

Measure the allotted space

You need to estimate the dimensions of a desk so that you can be sure you have enough space and won’t have to move furniture. Also, measure the width of the doorway. By doing this, you’ll know whether you can order an assembled desk or a knocked-down one. After that, measure the size of a system unit and printer or scanner. You’ll need their dimensions while choosing a computer desk with the under-desk sections to make sure they will fit into those compartments.

Decide on a shape

There are three types of computer desks: linear, corner, and U-shaped. Corner or L-shaped desks are pretty space-saving and at the same time have a large working surface while U-shaped ones allow creating a more comfortable working place where everything is at hand. Each desk model comes in two modifications: for the right-handed and left-handed.

Choose the material

Most of the modern computer desks are made of chipboard. Since the edges of a desk are most susceptible to wearing off, they should be edged with plastic. The handles of the drawers should be metal.

Know the purpose

Students will need a spacious desk with under- or over-desk sections for storing books and notebooks while gamers need a desk with a wide top and without a pull-out keyboard.


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