How to Upgrade window 8 in your Laptop,PC and Tablet

Microsoft recently launched new window 8 with many new more than 300 applications which can be easily installed on personal computer, laptop and tablet. Window 8 has a speedy boot time compared to window 7 and also has

improved search function. But before installing this we must know all the feature of window 8.

The main significance of the window 8 is that it can be installed in PC, laptop even in tablet. Microsoft released two version one is window 8 and second is RT.but actually both the window 8 version looks same but first version of

window 8 has standard chip. Whereas RT version is light version than window 8, and it is compatible with small tablet and laptop.


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After installing window 8 first times in your laptop or PC, while starting your device you will see many different pictures and if your device is touch screen compatible you can touch any picture otherwise you can use your keyboard.

After touching the screen or by pressing the keyboard button you will see different types of title icons and also your computer nick name will be appear as a “Metro” by default which can be changed afterwards according to need.

In window- 8 you will not get any start button and you can face some problem but if you want to open new program then go to top directly on the right hand side and click there and swipe it , the Innovative & Dynamic Desktop will be

appeared in front of you and you can choose any program you want to open.

Other Feature of Window 8

  • It Support both ARM tablets and x86 PCs
  • Touch centric and Tiles Based User Interface
  • Web Navigation Using Touch
  • 2 Touch Keyboards
  • Improved Copy Experience
  • Support USB 3.0
  • Syncing Window Live

So everyone can enjoy window 8 new power pack operating system by upgrading your old one

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