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In today’s digital era, when people have become tech-savvy, it is vital to stay in touch with technology. Whether it the promotion of your business or transmission of any other important information to wide range of audience, bulk SMS are considered an ideal way to convey information to numerous people in just a few seconds. Considering the limitations on messaging services, online bulk SMS service has come as a boon to all entrepreneurs and others who wish to transmit certain kind of information to different people out there.

BhashSMS offers an ideal platform to send SMS online to any mobile number across India, following a simplified procedure. The bulk SMS solutions offered are easy to access with enormously user-friendly interface. Bulk SMS API plays chief role in deciding the reliability as well as quality of SMS service utilized. The more efficient the API gateway, the better is the service. BhashSMS API effectively connects the sender to the receiver via a telecommunication network, ensuring timely delivery of messages.


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If you wish to promote your already established business or are looking forward to advertise recently introduced products and services, BhashSMS ensures instant delivery as well as economical pricing. In addition to the flexibility to choose from varied pricing plans as per your requirements, option to select from diverse payment modes available, including credit card, debit card or net banking is also available. No matter whether you have a desktop, laptop or an internet enabled cell phone, you can conveniently send multiple SMS through any means with BhashSMS. Once you successfully log on to BhashSMS, you can relish the following benefits:

Flexible Platform

Whether you need to send countless messages to a specific group or transmit just hundreds of messages to your targeted audience, the bulk SMS service offered by BhashSMS easily customizes your text message promotion as your needs. Be it a promotional message or a rapid business update, the service molds itself to effectively cater to your requirements.

Immediate Opt-In and Opt-Out

With the introduction of short codes, the option to opt-in and opt-out of your SMS steam has been facilitated. Contrasting other options related to opt-in as well as opt-out, this is a one-step procedure. Furthermore, you are not required to enter any other personal information up front, apart from your phone number. This straightforwardness ultimately leads to increased subscriber satisfaction.


Unlike emails, SMS need not fight against email filters or spam. Indeed, SMS has relatively direct connection to customer base when compared to other marketing strategies and there are no barriers which ensure that your messages successfully reach your targeted group without any hindrance.

Incredible Business Promotion

Since almost every individual has a mobile phone today and messages are one of the preferred ways through which people communicate now-a-days, there is no doubt that you can successfully market your business among your audience. The more number of messages you send, the more exposure you can expect for your business.

In addition to English, BhashSMS allows its users to send bulk messages in Hindi as well. Thus, to bring maximum exposure to your business or convey industrial information quick, rely on bulk SMS.


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