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When the whole world is all gaga over the new trend of android smart phones, tablets and other to be android devices, there are loads of new apps coming the android way. And the best part is that one can get these game apps for free. Free Android games can be looked out in the internet and there are really some awesome games which one can afford to play without even spending a single penny on it.

There are free Android games available for free on the internet which are specially made for android devices. These games can be easily downloaded off the internet. Free android games are what everyone would want in their android devices, be it smart phones, or tablets. After a hard day at work, a nice game would certainly refresh the minds, brighten up the atmosphere and cheer you.

Let us take a look at some of these mind lightening free android games. There are many new free android games coming up with every passing day and here are few of gaming favorites which certainly brightens ones mood after a hard day.

The Angry Bird Series

One couldn’t help giving the first spot to this particular free android games app. The newly added features are available with a slight amount of transaction but the basic game that is for free is what most people love the most. The feel of using a huge slingshot to launch the birds who want to avenge the evil pigs makes one go crazy. The different types of birds and their specialties can amaze every time.


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Bad Piggies

People also like this game that is brought forth by the makers of the angry birds. This is one type of particular free android games which involves construction of vehicles and is a good thing to do for someone instead of getting bored.

Jetpack Joyride

This game also deserves to be on the list of free Android games for one to try out. You run, earn coins, and upgrade your runs or devices. This is a game that one would not let go off ever.

Hill Climb Racing

This cute racing game is about driving your game vehicle as far as you can and stop only if you crash or are short of fuel.

Virtual Pet

Adds features to LAN and Bluetooth play to feed your digi-pet and you’re on a happy android roll.

These free android games attract not only the youngsters but even older people. You can enjoy playing these free android games while travelling or while taking a break and have fun whenever you want to. The idea of launching free games for android devices is a great one and it has definitely appealed to a major social section of all age groups. And so go online, download some really cool free android games and have an amazing time always with no more pay to go the android game way.

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