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WordPress, today is the most popular website personalising website. It is based on PHP and MY SQL. 22% websites use it so it’s an obvious fact that there must be something good about it. Today, this has become the most popular blogging site on the internet because of its user friendly interface and the wide range of themes and plugins which are available for the users. Plus it is possible to make a list of changes on a website without any hassles.

The users can go for choosing the plugins from a number of different ones. Here are the top five wordpress plugin that one would recommend.

WP Super Cache

Be it widgets, pictures or content material, this plugin takes away with it, all your trouble. It makes your page function smooth and speeds up your page. So, now you don’t have to get tensed every time because of your page freezes. With WP Super Cache things are bound to function in a fast and smooth manner without any hindrance caused. This definitely is one of the wordpress best plugin.

Google XML Sitemap

This plugin is a must have for any wordpress user. It makes the perfect sitemap of your wordpress accounts and can be fully customised. The best part is that it automatically updates in the major search engines, as you edit or create a post.


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Subscribe to comments

This one has made its mark in the list of the wordpress best plugin. It enables e-mail notifications about your different posts. You can change your post, unsubscribe, change email id or block notifications.

Advertising Manager

This plugin is yet another must have in the list of the wordpress best plugin. If you want to make some bucks out of your revenues, then this is your thing. It allows wordpress to pair with different ad giants on the web and thus turns it into a widget and can be applied on either side of your blog. So, all you need to do is to go for making a new advertisement.

WP-Spam Free- Anti Spam

This plugin is an easy one to install and configure. As the name goes, so does the plugin. It does what it says. It prevents spam including pingback spam and trackback spam. It also eliminates blog comment spams. One of the wordpress best plugin for sure.

Apart from these wordpress best plugin, there are various other plugins like, Tumblr Importer, Theme-Check, bbPress, Hotfix, Buddypress and Jetpack. All these plugins are available on the internet for download. You can easily choose for the ones that are important and helpful for you in the long run.

With the help of the wordpress best plugin, wordpress can do all that you can possibly imagine. They enable you to do loads of changes but it is imperative that before you download a plugin, you verify about it since not all that’s available on the internet has got a top rated reputation. You will definitely come across the wordpress best plugin designed by some really good web developers and people who genuinely are serious about using wordpress and making it work smoothly and properly in a better manner, not only for their own selves but also for the others. So, the wordpress best plugin are available and you should not go for anything less than that.

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