How to choose secure password and remember it easily

In the era of internet and technology everything has been secured with password, whether it bank account or e-mail account and moreover we use password to log in into any website. When you choose password it should be remember always and must be different to protect it from hack. Sometimes we choose simple password and we use some words and numeric and symbol.Which is very hard to remember. So in this article we will tell you how to choose password and you will never forget in future.


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Use this tips to make secure password

  • To choose safe password you must use your favorite word and symbol and join both, otherwise take first word from both and make new password. This Technic will be beneficial as you will never forget your secret password in future.
  • You can set password after changing the number into words if you want to use your mobile phone number you can change it such as you can write 5 into B and 9 into D according to your choice. Sometime mostly people use
    Mobile number as a password this is wrong method and anyone can hack easily if they know your mobile number.
  • If you want you can choose first and middle latter small or capital like SmarTfit or as mostly hacker hack the password using small and capital latter in first and last.
  • You can set your password as long as possible because small password can be hacked easily it should be seven to nine character long.
  • Use different types of character as many as possible long password is difficult to hack, words symbol ,number can be used to make perfect password.
  • You can short any sentence to make password such as if you like this sentence “drink water melon juice” and convert it into “Dinkwatmeln”.
  • It should be typed quickly so nobody can find what you typed.
  • Don’t use personal information such as Name, City, phone number and address.
  • Don’t use passwords that can be easily trap like “1234” QWERTY,abcd,!@#$ such password must be avoided.

Password must be changed between thirty to nineteen days and don’t re-use any old password to make new password. if you cant change make strong and good password and it is also important that not to use same password for multiple accounts.

So using these tips you can make a good remember able password and can protect it from illegal activity.

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