Best Free Android Apps 2013-The Technological New Year Bash

Come 2013 and the gizmo freaks have loads of good stuff coming their way. And the good news comes in the form of some latest apps for the android operating system. Now, before we get to know about all of that let’s first refresh our knowledge about android. Basically, android is an operating system, based on Linux and is designed for the devices with touch technology, like smart phones and tablets. Android has brought forth many apps within its arena for its various users. This is totally great news for the android users. The apps are designed to make things easier for the users and the best free android apps 2013
follow this very rule. There are games as well that come under the user ads for the best free android apps 2013.

In this article we are going to discuss about the following five apps because these apps seem to be growing their user section. And the fact that these five apps actually make up to the list of best free android apps 2013 is great.


This is the first app. With this app one can browse through the major restaurants in the world and enjoy awesome food. It is about exploring the best dining destinations around and enjoying your favourite food. This app is basically for the food lovers who like trying out new things. When you’re confused about where you want to go for eating, Zagat is the app where you can refine your search cuisine wise and get to know about the best restaurant with its special cuisine nearby.


Now this is not something we see daily, but if we did see it daily, we would simply love it. Flipboard is one of the best free android apps 2013. It integrates all your news and social media in a form of a magazine for you to flip by and go through it. You can also check the posts and photographs on your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter etc.


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Pandora Internet Radio

A personalized radio with your favourite music and comedy show is what you get when you use Pandora. All you need to do is to put in the name of your favourite artist, comedian, composure and Pandora creates a custom station for you. This by far is one of the best free android apps 2013 you could ask for.

Google Reader

For the more intellectual mind, best free android apps 2013 is the Google Reader. With this you can follow your favourite blogs and websites all at one place. The best part is that the Google Reader keeps your readings updated always.

Real Football

If you’re a gamer, you could not find a better version of android football and if you’re not a gamer, this will set you off in a new direction. Real Football would be certainly the best free android apps 2013 best for you. You can develop your club facilities, employ new staff, deal with the sponsorship and play football. This immersive app would be the best thing that could happen to you in 2013.

So, essentially we see that best free android apps 2013 are the ones which have the ability to customize users choice and integrate in a way which is loved by the user and is easy to use. So do get a hold of these apps to ease your way and personalize your smart devices further. The best free android apps 2013 are what you deserve.


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