Interesting facts about the Building Blocks of Life

The building blocks of life from a biological standpoint are cells. The word cell was coined by Robert Hooke in 1665 when he looked at cork using a microscope.  He named the chambers that he saw as cells. The people who stated that all living organisms are made of cells were Schleiden and Schwann. Both of them were the scientists from Germany. Their statement created the base for the cell theory of biology. Here are some interesting facts about cell structure and function:


  1. The First Cell: Scientists believe the first known cells originated about 3.8 billion years ago. The first known cells were single-celled organisms without a nucleus or other internal structures called organelles. They were called prokaryotes. The best example for a prokaryote would be bacteria and the other kind like human cells are termed as eukaryotes.
  2. Size of a cell: Have you ever wondered what the size of an animal cell might be? The cell is so small that you cannot see it with your naked eyes but with the help of a microscope, you are able to. The size of an average animal cell is between 1 and 100 micrometers.
  3. Self-Destruct System: The animal cell is unique for it has the self-destruct system. When the infected and broken cells cannot be fixed, they will be destroyed completely through the self-destruct system. It is called as apoptosis.
  4. The Diversity: The human body has around 200 kinds of cells belonging to the different parts of the body. From the brain, nerves, skin, muscles, bones, and intestines, the varied variety of cells fulfill different functions in each part of the body.
  5. A New Start: In the human body around 50 – 70 Billion cells die each day. Depending on the lifespan and the kind of cell, this process serves a healthy and protective role. Blood cells, Skin cells and some cells that line structures like glands and organs are those that die in the largest numbers.

Here we have talked about a few of the many wonders of the building blocks of life. The roles and functioning of cells are quite astounding, also being responsible for the seamless functioning of our planet. For more information on cells and cell structure, check out this YouTube Channel offering a new approach explaining about topics of biology –


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