How To Prevent Back Pain

If you have a job in the tech industry, chances are you spend a good deal of time sitting at your desk. Maybe you work from home and slouch on the couch with your laptop?  While you might not experience the impact constant sitting has on you skeleton, and specifically your back, over the short term, sitting for extending periods of time can create chronic problems.  Follow these suggestions from the experts to lessen the impact.

  • The most important piece of advice to follow while sitting is to maintain proper posture. Sit with both your feet planted flat on the floor. Make sure you sit all the way back in your chair so the back of the chair can provide proper support. The tech word has even developed a wearable zapper of sorts that zaps you when your posture is incorrect.
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  • Set your smartphone time for thirty minutes. Follow the 30-30-30 rule and your back will thank you. Stand up or at least stretch your arms over your head and down to your feet for thirty seconds. Find a line of site that is at least thirty feet. This will give your eyes a much needed break. Every 30 minutes, stand and stretch for thirty seconds and follow a line of sight thirty feet away.
  • Schedule regular session for a massage or reflexology session at your local spa.  Tension builds up in your lower extremities when sitting all day. Reflexology is more than just a dreamy foot massage. The nerves end at the feet and are often crying for relief from all day sitting.  Grab a very comfortable pair of shoes and walk for at least 20 minutes a day. This will allow your spine to stretch and relieve the day’s compression incurred by hours of sitting.

Follow these suggestions and your body will thank you after sitting at a desk all day. If you have the opportunity to work on your laptop while standing, this is actually the best solution. The standing desks can be adjusted to accommodate just about any height.  Secure a cushioned mat to stand on and your spine will thank you.


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