Here’s How to Improve the Ranking of Facebook Page on Google?

Are you familiar with a Facebook algorithm? It is the biggest mystery that would be difficult to understand. Facebook has become one of the best platforms for the business. If you want to increase the awareness of your brand, then nothing is better than Facebook.  According to marketers, Facebook is producing the best ROIs for the business. However, the Facebook business page is quite similar to the official website where one has to pay attention to the SEO. If you want to improve the visibility of your Facebook page on Google, then SEO is vital for you.

Following essential steps will assist you in improving the ranking of the Facebook page on Search Engine.

Use the proper Keyword

One must place the appropriate keyword in the Facebook page that will increase the visibility on the Search Engines. If you don”t have much knowledge about Keyword, then you should set it according to your business. With the help of a particular phrase, most of the people can find your business on Google. Make sure that you are inserting the keyword in about section. If you have any website, then you should attach it with a business page. It will improve the ranking on Google. However, FB Post Likes is the best website ever because one can buy thousands of genuine Facebook likes in the cheaper worth.


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Grab Verification Badge

Recently Facebook has introduced with local verification badge for the business users. After getting the verification badge, one will able to attract more viewers on the page. It is best to sign that will improve the search rank.  Verification badge will show your page on the top of local search.

Make the use of Vanity URL

Are you familiar with Vanity URL? With the help of such URL, one will able to replace the page address with the URL. Make sure that you are choosing the right URL for your page. It is the best technique ever that will improve the visibility on the Search Engine.

Add some links to the website and Facebook page

There are two types of links are out there, and the inbound link is one of them. It is quite similar to the backlinks that will attract an audience on the Facebook page. After creating the Facebook business page, you must add the link of blogs and website in about section of the page.  Make sure that you are inserting the link properly. You should visit, and it is a reputed website that is providing genuine likes on the Facebook posts.

Publish organic and quality content

According to the algorithm of Google, if you want to improve the ranking of the website, then one should always post organic and quality content. With the help of top-notch content, one will improve the visibility on the Search Engine. Content is an integral part of the SEO that will bolster your search rankings. Make sure that you are posting organic content on the blogs. One must share vital information related to the business, products and other important things.

Add everything in your Profile

Facebook is the best platform ever; if you are creating the business page, then you should add important information related to the business. One must add relevant information that will able to boost your ranking. You should add everything like as address, phone number, and other things.

Grab some positive reviews

You should enable the review and rating option on the Facebook page. It is the best option ever that will give you some estimate your business. Like, if you are getting the reviews on a regular basis then you will able to improve the products and other things. However, if you are earning the positive reviews on a regular basis then you may get top rank on the Search Engine.  Along with the reviews, you should provide the best ever customer service to your audience.

Add call-to-action in Page

It is the latest Function that is providing enormous benefits to Facebook users.  After sharing blog posts, you should insert the particular in call-to-action option. If you are getting more clicks on the about section then one will able to improve the visibility, reach and engagement. You must insert the link properly in the call-to-action button.

Change the URL of the page

According to the marketers, if you want to improve the visibility on the Search Engine, then you should match the business name with URL. It is essential to step that will create more engagement on Facebook pages. However, if you don”t want to create any URL, then you should automatically generate the URL. With the help of username, one will able to create the best link for the business page.

Moving further with the help of above-mentioned vital steps you will able to improve the ranking of the Facebook page on Google.


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