What Can You Control With Parental Control?

Internet is an enormous warehouse of data. However, the information over net does not limit to only and useful content. There is a wide range of the type of content that you can fetch from internet. One side of the internet is where you can get all kinds of useful data and take benefits of it to increase your knowledge. The other side of it is where you have content, which are not appropriate for a certain age. Few years back, it was one of the biggest concerns of parents to keep a watch on your children’s internet usage, but now you have Parental Control, a feature of your operating system and antivirus application that will take care of it.

Parental Control is a fabulous feature that helps parents manage internet content and put a bar on your children’s internet usage. Parental Control roughly performs four tasks:


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  • It filters content over net
  • Forbidding access on certain kinds of content
  • Set limit on the time for which your children can use internet
  • Put a bar on accessing adult content

You can use parental control to set limit to anything your kid does on your computer. Let’s get into few of its features in details.

Set time limit for your children to use computer

You can set limit to the time your children can log into your computer. This will prevent your kids to log in on your computer for specific hours. You can set different login hours for different days of the week. Your computers will logout automatically when the time limit ends. So, if you are going out for a day or so and you do not want your kids to waste all day on computer, this feature is best for you.

Prevent your children from games that you don’t want them to play

Restrict access to games that are inappropriate for your kid’s age-group. Choose games that you think are not right for your kids and put them in the block list. This will prevent your kids to access them.

Restrict your kids from running specific applications

You can prevent your kids from running applications you don’t want them to run. So, even in your absence, you will have no worries that your kids are not able to use those applications.

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