What Is Computer Monitoring Software?

If you’ve heard of Computer Monitoring Software you may be wondering what it is and what exactly it can do. You may know that it monitors a computer it’s installed on but you may want to know what exactly it monitors and why you’d want to use it. You may also be wondering how it can help you if you’re in certain situations. We’ll answer all of those questions in this article.

There a multitude of reasons you may want to use Computer Monitoring Software for. You may be in charge of an office but have suspicions that as soon as you’re out the room, certain employees refrain from undertaking as much work as they should. Or you may be parent, who’s child has a computer in their room that you’re worried is being used too much for gaming and internet browsing, and not enough for important homework.


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Now we know what Computer Monitoring Software could be used for, let’s find out exactly what it does. Once you’ve installed the software it will run in the background at all times, and won’t be visible to anyone using the computer. From this position in the background it will monitor all activities any user performs on the computer and log them in reports. Monitoring software will log any websites visited, applications opened, keystrokes typed, documents edited, pages printed and more. It will also report this with the time of the activity and sometimes the user.

As the software will be running completely hidden, you’ll be able to open it using a combination of secret keys and a password that you define at set up. This will bring the user interface up, in which you’ll be able to look through the reports and customise the settings. You’ll also be able to choose to have the reports sent to you remotely by email, and how often you’d like to receive them.

Of course, there are a whole range of types of monitoring software available online, from employee monitoring to classroom monitoring, but even the standard ‘computer monitoring’ software has a range of variations. Some will be better at other things than others, and some will have different features than others, but most will have a free trial so you can test them out before you commit to them. There are even free monitoring applications available, although the functionality and quality won’t be of the same standard as others.

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