Don’t be Gullible by all the Devious Tricks of Companies with mobile spying Treat

In the world of mobile phones, you have to be careful what you download and upload from the web. Your device could pick up spywares, viruses and malwares from harmless-looking, “legitimate” free apps from opening emails, following links and downloading free apps out of the app store. Even with added security firewalls on your unit, your phone could still get infected with these viruses and malwares which could expose sensitive information to hackers.

If you think about it, it is pretty ironic if you are trying to download spyware apps around the web. Whether for busting a cheating significant other or monitoring your child’s social media posts and accounts, there are many spyware apps around the market that can help you out. The only problem is, which one to trust. Unlike, some spyware apps have malicious programs that can be a huge threat to the security of your phone and everything that comes with it.

To help you find the right app, here are some quick tips to remember when browsing for a spyware program for your phone:


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  • Be careful of “free spyware apps”. The word “free” is a marketing strategy that many companies are guilty of playing. These free apps are often light with very limited features, often requiring you to pay for an upgrade anyway. There are no “free” spyware apps for your phone that are available in the market.
  • Don’t sign up for remote installation. This is one red flag that you should be really careful. There is a huge chance that they are trying to trick you into paying for what isn’t actually installed. Legitimate spy software needs the phone to be physically accessible to monitor its requirements.
  • No jail break claims. If you are using an iPhone, iPod or an iPad for your spy software, then you might want to get another device to help you monitor your target. Apple does not allow third party apps on their devices. To install a legitimate spyware, you would need to jail break your phone and install it from there.
  • “We are compatible with ALL phones”. There are all sorts of phones, ranging from the shape, size and operating systems available. Clearly, what is stated above doesn’t mean legitimate software can be compatible with ANY device. It is a huge claim to get you to sign up for it but the standards are totally unrealistic.
  • Find a spyware company with legitimate contact details. A legitimate company has its own ways of being contacted, either through phone, email, fax, etc. so why would you want to invest your money on something (or someone) with limited or no contact details? Though, it is up to you if you still want to push through with your transaction. Having limited contact details is not a direct indication for trickery.

Protecting yourself and your investment is the first step to successfully implementing your spy programs. Netspysoftware offers legitimate spyware software installation and assistance for their consumers. You can visit the website now and browse for our features and read through our reviews online.


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