4 Ways to Promote and Sell Your Small Business’s Products Online

If you own a small business that sells a physical product there are many different ways you can offer your goods to customers. You may already have some sort of web presence, but you will find that there are many different ways and places that can get you more sales. Here are a few that could help you sell more.

Have your own website with a store

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to have your own web store filled with products. Consider getting a content management system, such as WordPress, setup on your website.  There are many robust shopping cart addons that make it easy to add products, keep track of fulfillment and help you with customer service.  You will keep in complete control and need not give anyone a commision for sales.

Have an affiliate program

Once you have your own web store, you can get an army of other webmasters to work for you. You can give them a commision for bringing you sales. The system is fully automatic. Electronic codes follow the customer from your partner’s website to yours and only pays them if a sale is made. You can advertise your affiliate program on your own website and many guides on the net.


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Have a Groupon Coupon page

You may have used coupon codes before. They have a code that gives you things such as free shipping or a percentage off your purchase. Groupon now has many thousands of these pages for merchants, such as this one for Medifast. The system is nicely automated, so that expired coupons are removed. If you have ever searched on Google for a coupon code, you know the frustration of those codes. Most websites that list the codes list useless expired ones. Since the Groupons Coupons codes are accurate, that is where people are searching now. You can take advantage of their marketing budget to promote your products.

Team up with Amazon

David and Goliath have teamed up. If your product and its packaging meets Amazon’s requirements, you can send product to them directly. They wearhouse it, market it, sell it, delivery it and even take care of customer service. It is a win-win situation.

Combine these sales channels with others and it is like opening up new branches all over the world. Your sales will grow and multiply. So start on the road to world domination now.


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