Xmileager and Mileager HHO Kit to enhance mileage of vehicles up to 40%.


Xmileager and Mileager HHO Kit to enhance mileage of vehicles up to 40%.This is new enhanced kit available in the marketplace which have been examined on roughly 500 vehicles of Petrol and Diesel and user of vehicles got 40% to 80% mileage enhancement. Here we are informing you about HHO Fuel Gas kit.

H2o is a traditional technological innovation and this is an alternate of hybrid, this technological innovation is used to enhance the mileage of vehicles.Water to gas is improved version to enhance mileage and it will also enhance the power and pickup of the all type of vehicles.

H2o gas can be quickly created and we can use it for the vehicles to enhance mileage without any alteration in engine. Water used as preservative by modifying water into the HHO, Brown color gas 2 parts of hydrogen and 1 aspect of fresh air gas can be used to enhance the mileage of vehicles up to 40% and also this is natural technological innovation will properly secured atmosphere also.

Xmilager and Mileager kit can be set up in your vehicle bonnet to increase in the mileage. HHO gas will be installed to the air manifold and it will reduce the consumption of exiting fuels.

 In Xmilager and Mileager kit we use electrolysis water which are enclosed in the cell (Container) and this water developing a HHO gas which will be supplied to engine air manifold through vacuum process then it will be mixed with the fuel and this mixture will be 100% burn and will give you better mileage and there will be no Carbon deposit on the piston and smoke will be produce less .It will enhance the engine horsepower, engine will run sleek and effectively with less exhaustion.

Xmilager and Mileager kit can be used on both Petrol and Diesel vehicles.

Advantage of Xmilager and Mileager HHO kit:-

  • Increase in mileage up to 40% and sometime you will get up to 80%
  • Engine life will be enhance 2 or 3 periods more
  • Decrease in Engine knocking
  • Reduction in carbon deposit
  • Less emission
  • Less fuel combustion
  • Increase in pick-up of vehicle

However these kit has not been used for long but these days it is very popular and number of vehicle owner installing this in car. We will upgrade this content soon with more details.

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