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Computer hardware is basically a set of all those physical components that constitute your computer system. In simple words, all the components that one can touch and feel related to your computer equals the term computer hardware. The various computer hardware include monitor, keyboard, CPU, mouse, printer, memory card, chipset etc. With rigorous development and research in new technology, these days hardware is updated and modified to perform to limit. Here is a list of top 5 computer hardware that has brought about a revolution in world and in demand among all the users.


The newest trend is connecting your personal computer to your television set for bigger display. There are many other compelling reasons to shift your computer on your TV because it can be difficult for a group of people herding around a 15 inch computer screen and watch a video clip or movie. With the development of high definition (HD) and LCDs, televisions are an excellent replace to your computer desktop. The most common video inputs are S-video on SDTV. Windows laptop and computer are now built with S-video-out jacks that can be connected to your TV setup using cables. For using in-built speakers of TV, one needs to get a 1/8-inch stereo mini-plug RCA cable.However if the computer has got just a VGA jack and your HDTV allows only HDMI, then a small converter box is required to convert the signal.


The wireless keyboards are the new computer hardware that has gained popularity over the years. Basically 3 main wireless technologies are used in these types of keyboard:

1)      Bluetooth

2)      Infrared

3)      Proprietary.

All 3 of them use a transceiver which is connected to the USB port of computer. This transceiver receives power from the port. The devices evolved with Bluetooth technology have a range up to 30-35 ft where as the infrared devices have a range only up to 12 ft.


Wireless mouse are exhibiting extreme popularity as they allow cordless accessibility to its users with their mouse and their computer. They are based on RF technology that is they use radio frequencies which are transmitted and received. The transmitter is generally built in the mouse body and keeps a data of all its movements and clicks and transfers these to receiver. The RF receiver then decodes the information and send signals to the computer directly.


A graphic card or a video card is a hardware that is fixed in computer to render image that is on display. When one is considering buying a card he must be sure that his display system is capable to generate the output. Secondly the user has to consider his computer memory capacity because graphic images are not some text files and hence need greater amount of memory space. A good card has its own memory so that they do not depend entirely on the RAM of your computer.


this is usually a small computer synthesized on an IC (integrated circuit) that include memory (a small quantity of RAM), a processor core peripherals that are programmed. This is the heart of your computer whether it’s a server, desktop or a laptop.



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