How to know Hidden Password


Password is the secret key that everyone knows better and it is used to protect your email account, file, folder even PC. You will be surprise to know that you may know your hidden password. When you put your password to login into your account it will be auto filled in your web browser. As it has been auto saved you will use only click button to enter in your account and you will never type your password for long.

So if you forgot your password and browser has also crashed what you will do. Don’t worry there is a Technic to know your hidden password in browser. Browser will protect your password under the mask and it is concealed by asterisk characters that nobody wouldn’t know about your password. So in this article we will show you how to know your hidden Password in your G-mail account.

How to know hidden Password1

Go to Gmail account there will be auto filled password hidden under the mask of asterisk character.  Right click of your mouse on password box you will get option –Inspect element. Click on it.

How to know Hidden Password

Complete code will be appear you have to find code <input type=”password” and double click on it.

Then change type=”password into type “text”

So all hidden character will be appeared in text form it will be your passwords .This Technic will work for single time only after refreshing your browser it will be automatically come in hidden forms. Using this Technic you can know your all account password such as Facebook, Twitter.Inspect element option will be available in Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer under developer tools.

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