List of Best Free Proxy Sites


A proxy site basically provides you a hidden path to a webpage that are blocked or not allowed in your institution, campus, school and home. A proxy site provides a proxy server that enables one to check sites that are barred for use in certain areas. It acts as a mediator between the user and the actual website. The service requested by the client is evaluated and modified by proxy server and then delivered to the seeking user. With a significant number of such sites and thousands of them being added each day, it becomes quite difficult for the users to choose from. Here is a list of top 5 proxy sites that are free to use.


Here you can surf almost any website anonymously by just submitting the web address. Not only it protects one’s online privacy, it also gives you option to filter unwanted ads, cookies, page titles and much more. This proxy site provides you with a proxy server that acts as an intermediate between the blocked website and the client. In simple words it modifies the transmission of web pages from the website and hides personal information and data.



This site allows you to connect to restricted web pages by providing private HTTP proxies for online privacy. It helps one to browse sites through shared IP addresses to access censored websites. It secures user information to itself and gives security. One must subscribe at just $5 per month to keep himself updated to new proxies and IP addresses each day.



This proxy website enables one to bypass any network restriction and browse anonymously. One needs to submit the address of blocked webpage and this site guides you to it without communicating directly with the target server.  It acts as a mediator to search the page and carry it back with some alteration. This way personal information is secured and user can not be identified or located.



To surf restricted sites anonymously can be difficult at times because every time one visits a page certain data can be tracked that identifies the area and system he is using. However, gives you the service to hide personal information and surf websites fast and for free. For sites that are prohibited at your institution, this proxy gives you security and parental authority.



This proxy helps the users to surf websites by hiding IP address from the servers. Browsing is safe when no information can be tracked down by the server. This proxy takes care of your entire request that is sent to the website and works as an anonymous CGI proxy. Browsing this way is safe and gives online privacy to users.



Kproxy site you can be used to access blocked website by network you can enter website address and kproxy will fetch your page it and send back to you.



This is also a renowned proxy website using this you can enjoy any blocked website easily.



Very good  free proxy website to unblock any site.


These web proxies accept all URLs, process the user request and immediately present the data of the requested URL to the user. However many proxies might be detected by examining the HTTP header received or otherwise. So keep yourself updated to new proxy sites and different IP addresses for safe and unrestricted browsing hours.

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