Five Ghost Detector Androids Apps


Ghost Detector Androids Apps -It will be awesome to know that you will look for the ghost and even you can discuss with them and they will really react to you when you will ask any query. Also you will look for the real position of the ghost, demons and their team. So here I am listing some exciting android ghost applications that can be downloadable to make a fun.


Ghost Radar

This is amazing program to capture or discover ghost. This program can be obtain to your Iphone Smart Cellphone and androids. Radar apps identify the electro-magnetic ways, temperature range incident in atmosphere and deliver indication to your phone.It identify temperature range distinction around you.

Entity Sensor Pro

This program also used to identify ghost it has device like EMF detectors and EVP Indicator which play an important part to discover ghost. EMF Indicator finds electro-magnetic field in the air and display as a information on the sheet, although EVP recording unit finds sound. This program is very popular with several opinions and feedback.

Ghost Detector

Using this app you can discuss with ghost. These applications will message that ghost are near to you. Ghost Detector has an EMF entity detectors that can discover ghost quickly also you can ask any query from ghost and ghost will respond  you. Using this app we can look for the real position of ghost and devil.

All in one Ghost Hunter

This apps also can be used to discover ghost as it has five function i.e EMF Detector-Sprit Board-EVP detectors and map this program performs well on EMF detectors.


Vibromter is useful program for ghost seeker. Its like a  vibration meter and this is very delicate and can identify any tiny vibration. By using this application you can discuss with ghost and they will reply you when you will examine.

You can obtain this application in your androids and iphone-Download here

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