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I think you may know about Add-ins. Add-ins be able to be used to enhance the capabilities of any software. Since Microsoft office is well-known and popular software we can see a higher demand for Ms Office add-ins. But most of the Add-ins has been made by other software developing companies (not Microsoft).
As well as we can download this Add-ins freely, no cost. In this article, I am going to explain you about 10 Add-ins which will be more important for you.

1. PDF & XPS
Microsoft has embedded this save as PDF option to Microsoft Office and you can even use PDF995, CutePDFWriter of PrimoPDF.
Download link
2. “MathType” to create mathematical equations

You can use this Add-in to write some important parts of mathematical equations. This tool can be used prepare your presentations or even prepare some mathematics relate articles in your web pages.

At the same time you can use this Add-in to create graphs and find the solutions of unknowns and some other important parameters.
Download link

3. Search Command
I know that people who used to work with Office 2003 may have some trouble when they try to work with office 2007. This might be due to placement of functions in different places. Therefore you can use this Add-in to find any option, function or command within the office 2007. You just need to simply type and search the command.
Download link
4. Narration time tweaker for voice narrating
If you introduce any voice narration to your PowerPoint presentation and once you hear back you might hear some useless notices (recorded during presentation). This Add-in can be used to avoid such disturbances and useless parts.
Download link
5. Access 2007 Developer exe and Runtime
We can create software like creation with this Add-in. After prepare databases, forms and similar things in Microsoft access and using this software we can simple software. Not only can that same software be used for packaging deployment, licensing and distribution.
Download link
6. Total Access Analyser for Microsoft Access.
This Add-in can be used with Microsoft Access. Once you create databases, Forms and similar thing in Access, you can use this tool to check coding errors in the variables, forms and functions.
Download link

7. Addin spy for inspire new Add-ins
This is a smarter Add-in. You can use this Add-in to create new add-ins. Also same tool can be used to identify the errors in current add-ins. That’s why I mentioned this as a smarter tool.
Download link

8. CrossEyes.
When you work with long document in a Microsoft word, you need to prepare this document in a same format. You can use this tool for this formatting purpose. Even though Microsoft has introduced such options in the Microsoft 2007, this tool is a best option to minimize your workload.
Download link
Next time I hope to discuss a different topic “10 important facts which slow down your PC”


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