Best Google Chrome Apps- Enhance your chrome experience!!


Today, when the world is immersed in the utilities of various apps for different platforms, there is a good news for the Google chrome users. The chrome web store has brought forth a plethora of different apps for its different users. So, if you wish to get a tad more productive, or look up for new stuff or just play games, you have an app for yourself. Google chrome is available for users on different platforms. It is available for Mac, Linux, iOS and Android apart from its already popular version for WINDOWS.

Apps for Google chrome are available on different web sites, but the chrome web store is a reliable option. It is a host to both free and paid apps. All you need to do is to browse through and find out about them. There are apps available for people of different age groups. There are game apps, educational apps, document apps etc. A huge list for you to choose from. So, let us have a look at some of these apps.


Google Drive


This app helps you to access, share and edit your files, no matter how huge at any given time on the go. This is a great solution to ones who need to share huge files and  or work with some particular files.

Google Drive

Aviary Image Editor

For any person who wishes to edit, retouch or manipulate a photograph, this is the weapon to do so. This app provides you with amazing results and is a definite yes.

Aviary Photo Editor

Google Docs

A power packed app for you which enables you to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, collaborate them and publish them from anywhere t any time. Get this and all your trouble vanishes in moments.

Google Docs

Angry Birds

This popular, award winning game series is here for you, to entertain you. The entire series can be put into chrome. So, it’s time  to use the slingshots and shoot birds at the evil pigs and take the revenge.

angry birds


With this you have access to your favourite tracks whenever and wherever you want, even when you are not online. Awesome music for you, even while you’re travelling or are abroad. It really couldn’t be easier. All you got to do is to add this app to your chrome browser from your device and then it is time to put in those ear phones.


So, what has been mentioned here is just a teensy part of what Google App Center has in store for its millions of users. From managing your office work to listening music on the go, Google has made it simpler and simpler and nothing could be easier and better than this. Now you do not need to worry about mundane stuff like, how will you work out on that project or how do you get all your music. Google has the solution for you. And if it has been a hard day at work, you have the coolest games right here for you. All you need to do is to click on a button saying Add To Chrome and then it’s time to welcome AWESOMENESS!!

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