7 Tips Make Your Kindle Fire’s Battery Last Longer


How many hours the battery can last is always an important topic for a digital device, no matter you are using a MP3 Player, a cellphone, or a tablet.

Generally speaking the Kindle Fire’s battery is strong enough for your normal daily use, but accident happens. So how to make your Kindle Fire’s battery last longer and avoid the accident? Here are 8 simple but useful Kindle tips for you.

 Tip 1. Turn down the brightness

Unless you are under flood light, there is no need for you to heighten the screen’s brightness. In fact, if you are in the strong sunlight, the Kindle Fire’s screen also can hardly display the staff clearly even if you turn the brightness all the way up.

Therefore, just turn down the brightness a little, it won’t make your eyes uncomfortable but can make the battery run longer.

 Tip 2. Turn off WiFi or 3G connection if you are not in need of network

Many people would keep their Kindle Fire’s WiFi or 3G connection active, but are you really always online? And I used to process an experiment, if I leave the net connection open and just play the temple run for one hour, it expends 15% battery, but if I sleep the net connection and play temple run for one hour, it expends 10% battery.

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 Tip 3. Turn down the volume or plug headphone

I can’t see any benefit for turning up the volume high unless you are alone at home. And even if you want to fully enjoy a movie or a song, a headphone is better than the built-in stereo. So please turn down the volume or just replace the built-in stereo with a headphone.

 Tip 4. Screen Time Out

The default screen time out on Kindle Fire is 5 minutes, that’s absolutely too long. Amazon offers you many options for this issue, but only 30 seconds and 1 minutes is shorter than 5 mins. I recommend you set the screen time out in 1 minutes, this will not effect your normal operating and can save your battery at the same time.

 Tip 5. Stop the unnecessary running apps

Don’t just think by backing to the home screen you have completely quit the apps. In fact, many apps will still keep running in the background, and it will also take your CPU, RAM and battery. To completely quit those unnecessary running apps, go to the setting page on Kindle Fire, then choose Applications, you will see the running apps, just force stop them if you are not need them at the moment. And for those system apps, don’t force stop them if you are not sure if it is important.

 Tip 6. Sound on Keypress

Alright, this point is not that important, but it is more a question of small steps leading to success, right? And in my private point of view, the keypress sound doesn’t help me in any way of operating Kindle Fire.

 Tip 7. Charge the Kindle Fire properly

This is the most important point, if you charge your Kindle Fire properly, you are not only making the battery run longer, but also making the battery live longer. So how to charge it properly?

1. Don’t charge the Kindle Fire until the battery used up;
2. Immediately charge the Kindle Fire when the battery remain less than 20%;
3. Don’t keep the Kindle Fire charging when it is fully charged, you can keep it for 30 minutes after fully charging;
4. Process a complete recharging per month, use up the battery to empty then charge it to the full, and keep it charging for about 2 hours after fully charged.


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