10 Word Press Social Sharing Plugin for Blogger

Word Press is the biggest platform for blogger who want to start blogging because WordPress is very easy to use. Everyone who has little bit technical knowledge can manage word press site itself. Also Word Press Site is Google search engine friendly too,such type of website is indexed quickly in Google search. And if you really desirous to get top ranking of your website, Word press is better option for you. When you will write post for blog you would like to share it with all social network friends .So in this article we will list best Social Sharing plugin for your site which will help you to get pretty much visitor for your word press site.

Animated Twitter Bird

This is a attractive Social Sharing plugin which shows and animated flying twitter bird on your site. When you will move mouse over the bird its shows you “follow me button” so reader will follow this if they like this.

Trackback social sharing Icons

This is great way to track your all Social Sharing network activity that is liking or sharing on your blog. This is best choice to place this plugin on your blog as it has all important social sharing button. This  Social Sharing plugin can be integrated with Google analytics.

Google Plus, +1 Social sharing Button

Google being used as a viral as it has many importance. If you have   good number of Google +1 votes search engine will give you better ranking Google playing vital role in search engine optimization. You can badge Google +1 Social Sharing button on your blog or content to get more Google Plus votes. Google +1 button can be customized to any size.


Wibiya is wonderful tool for word press blogger as this plugin shows desirable tool at the bottom of site. You can add Facebook, Twitter, online visitor stat, chat and other Social Sharing button at the bottom toolbar.

Scrolling Social Share bar (Twitter like Google +1 LinkedIn and Stumble upon)

This plugin is very useful if you want to scroll Social Sharing button with your post. You can customize setting according to your blog. This is one of the attractive plugin which has almost all the social sharing buttons.


Amazing plugin that adds almost all the major Social Sharing button to your post and pages and RSS feed also. Using this plugin you can find easily how many people shared your article. You can add icon and button with different style according to need. Customization can be done easily.

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